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Cannabis Health Benefits

The Role of Cannabis in the Past Recreational cannabis consumption has been a controversial topic for a long time now. There have been protests and counter-protests for and against cannabis. There has been a dominant stigma on cannabis in most societies. Even today individuals using cannabis face the danger of capital punishment in places like […]

Cooking with Cannabis

Exploring Cannabis Edibles Have you ever heard a friend of yours describe how they had some cannabis edibles, and got ridiculously high for an obscene amount of time? That’s how strongly edibles can affect you if you eat too many hash brownies, or just put in an ounce of cannabis in a cake for 3 […]

Day to Day Life with Cannabis

Many people are already aware of the medicinal benefits of using cannabis, but how often are other types of benefits discussed, or even studied? More and more research is being done on cannabis, with its current legal status, and many people are finding benefits from using the plant.   There are many individuals who claim music sounds better, food tastes […]