Popular Strain Review

Get ready to relax this summer!

With summer already here, holidays are coming, offices are emptying. Employees are calling in sick to enjoy some nice weather. What nicer way to enjoy the weather than chilling outside on a sunny lawn, away from other people. When you light up a joint, away from the busy city life and just enjoy the rays of sun on your skin and the rays of vibrant energy within. To help you with that quest we will outline some of the most popular strains out there today.

Noteworthy Sativa Strains

Our first stop is Amnesia Haze. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid with lemony and citrus flavors. It’s the favorite strain of many people because it’s light and uplifting. Amnesia haze is a beautiful way to start your day in an elevated state of mind. Amnesia haze has an energetic euphoric buzz around it that makes it a great strain to enjoy with your day, without getting stoned out of your mind. It’s also known to combat depression and stress. Be sure to pack some liquids while you are at it, as the strain has the side effect of giving you a dry “cotton” mouth. The strain has won the cannabis cup in 2004 and the Sativa cup in 2012. It’s a favorite in Amsterdam coffee shops too. If you are looking for something light and uplifting, give Amnesia haze a go!

Next on the list is AK-47. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid with a 2:1 ratio of Sativa to Indica. It’s the product of generations of breeding. The strain has a potent mix of Colombia, Mexico, and Thai Sativa strains and the Afghan Indica. The THC levels of the strain are average, but the CBD and CBN content is higher than normal. AK-47 has nice earthy, pungent and woody flavors all combining to give you a mellow cerebral buzz while keeping you creative and socially engaged. The strain provides great relief for stress and pain. AK-47 was created in 1992 by Serious Seeds. It has won multiple cannabis cup awards and is a favorite among growers. On the side, your mouth and eyes will be pretty dry, but that’s a small price to pay.

Another Sativa dominant hybrid on this list is Chocolope. It is the child of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Chocolope has a nice earthy flavor, mixing coffee and some sweetness as well. It provides for a nice cerebral stimulation combined with gentle body relaxation. When smoking this you get a dreamy vibe as if you are hovering above the ground. It’s a great strain to combat depression as it makes you happy, uplifted and energetic. Not to forget that it also relaxes you and elevates you to a euphoric state of mind. On the off side, dry eyes and cottonmouth are a given, combined with the small chance to experience an increase in anxiety.

Onto the Indicas

The first Indica dominant strain on this list is Cheese. Its origins are from the Skunk #1 and Afghani strains bred in the U.K. Cheese has inherited a very sour pungent aroma, that many people describe like old cheese. The overall mix of earthly flavors combines well on one’s palette. It’s a strain that gets you relaxed first and foremost. Then it makes you happy and euphoric and last but not least it makes you hungry and sleepy. The strain comes highly recommended to combat pain, stress, insomnia, depression and lack of appetite. Beware of the munchies! On the side effects, one may experience dry mouth and eyes, dizziness and a pinch of paranoia.

Scoring excellent on the judges’ scorecards is the Northern Lights strain. It is one of the most famous cannabis strains out there. It’s a favorite among growers for its resilience, fast growth, and resinous buds. All of these qualities are due to the fact that this strain is pure Indica. The strain represents a cross between Afghani and Thai landrace strains. Northern lights combine earthy, pine and sweet flavors for a delicious mix. The effects of this strain are body-heavy – it relaxes your muscles and mind and makes you prone to couch lock. It’s known for relieving pain and helping with sleeplessness. It also treats stress, depression, and headaches and improves your appetite. Side effects may include the regular dry eyes and mouth, with the minor chance to become dizzy or even paranoid.

Another Indica strain that deserves your attention is Purple Kush. It’s a pure Indica strain, being the lovechild of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This strain brings a lot of flavor to the table, mixing earthy, grapey and flowery tastes. Purple Kush will rock your mind into a euphoric state, while completely relaxing your body. It will deprive you of your sleeplessness, stress, and pain. If you are looking for relaxing, sleepy euphoria, consider this strain before going to bed and you will sleep like a baby. Have some munchies on the side, because this strain will also make you hungry. Besides helping with stress, pain, insomnia, and depression, this strain also helps greatly with muscle spasms. On the off side, you will experience cotton mouth and red eyes but might get dizzy and anxious with a minuscule chance for paranoia as well, but that is all normal when smoking a good Indica strain.

Closing thoughts

Whether you go for Sativa or Indica is completely up to you. It depends on your goals and needs. An Indica strain won’t be a good option to smoke right before a concert as it will leave you wanting to go back to your safe protected space and just lie down and eat. On the other hand, Sativa might not bring you the body relaxation or that “stoned” effect that you might be craving. Sativa is the go-to option when you just want to get a buzz and get creative with it.

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