Which Strain is best for me?

The Basics of Strains This section of our article aims to give you the fundamental groundwork of how to pick the strain that is best for you! If you are already familiar with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid you could probably just skim through this section and move on to the next. If you have never […]

Terpenes – An Informative Guide

You may have seen the term terpene thrown around amongst cannabis aficionados but what do they mean to the average joe, and why are they worth learning about? Chances are you are already are familiar with terpenes, just aren’t familiar with the term itself. Put simply, terpenes are the vehicles responsible for the smell of […]

Tips on Cannabis Safety

As a parent, of a child or a fur baby, it’s up to us to be responsible, especially when it comes to how we store and use cannabis. While usage methods may vary from person to person, one thing we can all agree on is that cannabis should not be accessible by individuals who it […]

The Amazing World of High-End Glass

When we think of our favorite ways to enjoy cannabis what often comes to mind first is the joint. It’s compact, cheap to create, relatively easy to roll, and has been a go-to method of consumption for what seems like forever. But when it comes to joints and innovation there isn’t much room for improvement […]

Build a Stash Box!

One thing that seems an inherent part of cannabis culture is that of the stash box. Stemming from its illegal status over the years, cannabis users have had to hide not only their cannabis but their accessories as well. Trying to find a place for all those pipes, bongs, and papers have become something of […]

Day to Day Life with Cannabis

Many people are already aware of the medicinal benefits of using cannabis, but how often are other types of benefits discussed, or even studied? More and more research is being done on cannabis, with its current legal status, and many people are finding benefits from using the plant.   There are many individuals who claim music sounds better, food tastes […]

The Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis has been a favorite of people from all over the world and has been used for thousands of years by many different civilizations over the course of human history. As one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by mankind cannabis has proven to be a multi-use resource. As hemp, it can be used […]

Cannabis – A Part of Canadian Culture

The legal status of cannabis is still a relatively new thing for many Canadians, of which there are people who support its legalization and those who don’t. Whether you are in the former or latter camp, it’s clear that cannabis is now a part of our Canadian culture. Canada has had a rich history of […]

The Basics of Cannabis

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, people all over the country are considering the use of cannabis recreationally, some for the first time. While there are many experienced cannabis users, there is still an unknown number of individuals who have never used cannabis, who may benefit from its usage under its current legal […]