Growing your own Cannabis

Prepare yourself for the journey

Growing your cannabis is taking the “Do it yourself” mentality to another level. It’s a costly investment in time, money, and resources. Beginner growers may feel like they are climbing Everest for the first time – a mixture of challenge, excitement and the all so real threat of failure.

However, all of these are dwarfed by the possibility to master the mountain and ourselves in the process. In the same way, growing your cannabis can be an investment that pays back all the effort you put into it. A guaranteed supply of homegrown cannabis, free of pesticides, herbicides and any harmful chemicals used in the growing process.

You will have absolute control over your plants, from seed to shelf and thus the absolute certainty in the quality of your product.

Cannabis needs a seed to grow from

In some ways growing Cannabis is the same as when your grandmother plants tomatoes and other herbs in her little garden. Cannabis is first and foremost a plant. It has its own caveats when looking after it. But it will still respond the same way to nutrients, water, soil, light, and temperature as other plants that you might be familiar with.

To start, your growing process you will need to get cannabis seeds. There are generally 3 options that you can consider all with their pros and cons. Those options include bag seed, seed from a friend and seed from a seed bank.

Bagseed is not the recommended go-to option, as it involves you going through your cannabis stash and searching for seeds there. But instead of throwing them out, this time you want to keep and examine them if they are good to be used. In most cases, they won’t be. The seeds will be either too immature or already too old. Old seeds usually have a crack in them making them unable to use. Another big caveat with bag seeds is that you have no idea if they are male or female. This is important because only female seeds can produce buds that have THC.

Getting the seeds from a friend is a step up from going through your own stash. A friend or a local source that grows cannabis will be able to provide you with feminized seeds. This ensures that no unwanted male seeds spoil your harvest later on. The seeds you get will also be ready to be planted, not too young, not too old. Seeds that are ready have a bigger size and are a darker color. They have an outer protective coat that is not cracked and usually has small amounts of water inside. Some people say they can spot a “tiger” stripe on them or little dots.

The recommended option of where to get seeds from is ordering them from seed banks. This option provides the best results. The seeds will be top quality, ready to be sown and feminized. A champion cannabis plant can only be grown from a champion seed. A nice bonus is that you can order seeds online like a catalog, providing a great variety of strains to choose from.

Bend the Elements of Nature


The first crucial element – earth – represents the foundation of your cannabis plant. You need proper soil to ensure that your plant can feed and support itself. A good soil mix might include coco fiber, perlite, compost, bat guano, and other elements. All of these elements affect the PH value of your soil. This is important because different elements are utilized more efficiently at different PH levels. To measure the PH levels a PH kit is absolutely necessary. There isn’t an exact PH number but generally, try keeping the levels between 6.0 – 7.0. With all that out of the way, feel free to plant your seed about an inch deep into the soil of your choice.


In the different growing stages of your plant, it will require different amounts of water. As a seed, it’s at its most vulnerable. Not enough water and the seed will become too dry and will die. Water it too much and you risk drowning it. As a rule of thumb, whenever the first inch of soil is dried up, the plant should be watered. You can also try lifting your pots. If they feel too light, then it’s watering time. Don’t forget it’s important that your pot has holes for the water to drain freely.


Cannabis originates in the tropical areas of the world. It loves a nice warm breeze. In fact, the temperature of the air is crucial. Cannabis plants are delicate and you can easily kill them with temperatures too cold or too hot. Generally, if it’s too hot for a person, then its too hot for the plant. The temperature should be around 20-30 degrees Celsius or about 80 Fahrenheit. Cold is to be avoided at all costs – a cold night for your plant can mean sudden death! Don’t forget if you are growing indoors that the growing space will easily get too hot without the proper ventilation.


The last element that you need to master to have a successful grow is light. As pointed out earlier, Cannabis comes from the tropics, places with the most sunlight on the planet. Therefore, you need to simulate that environment as closely as possible. If you are living in regions of the world that get less than 8 hours of natural sunlight, then you will have to grow your cannabis indoors. When growing indoors, growing lights are an absolute necessity. Popular grow lights include HPS grow lights and LED lights.

Understanding Cannabis to grow Cannabis

Undoubtedly there is much more to learn and research about growing cannabis. Hopefully, this article helped you imagine yourself as a self-taught, independent cannabis grower. It can truly be a fun and rewarding experience and we wish you good luck in your adventurous endeavors.

Until your comfortable growing your own cannabis, come down to Queen of Bud where we always have plenty of fresh cannabis for you to try.