Cooking with Cannabis

Exploring Cannabis Edibles

Have you ever heard a friend of yours describe how they had some cannabis edibles, and got ridiculously high for an obscene amount of time?

That’s how strongly edibles can affect you if you eat too many hash brownies, or just put in an ounce of cannabis in a cake for 3 people. That sure is a recipe for an adventure, but it is far away from the textbook edibles experience.

With that in mind, consider yourself warned, as you are about to learn how to harness the power of edibles very shortly.

The Cooking Basics

To cook with cannabis, you need to become an apprentice alchemist in your very own kitchen. That might sound scary, but it is actually very easy, as one of the traits of THC is that it is fat-soluble. That means that it can be extracted into fats. Therefore you just need to cook the weed in a certain way and by doing that you actually do basic chemistry.

You need to extract the THC out of your cannabis and into the oil that you are using. The THC is that magic psychoactive ingredient that you can tell your friends is the “love” or the secret sauce. It takes different amounts of time to extract the THC for each oil but it doesn’t matter what type of oil you are using as long as you stick to your recipe.

To extract the THC from your cannabis, you should first grind up your weed to dust, to expose a maximal amount of surface area to the heat. Then throw it in the pan with preheated oil of your choice. You need to cook it on low heat for 30-40 minutes if you are using sunflower oil. For butter, you should cook it for about an hour. Remember to always stir! Burnt cannabis is no good in this case!

Now that you have extracted the THC into the oil you are using, just substitute it with the oil from your original recipe. Extracting the THC is the hard part. Everything else is cooking as normal.

Munchie Recipe

In this section, we will address the people who are looking for an interesting recipe to deliver maximal flavor while also getting the job done high-wise. Today’s recipe is for Chocolate Lava Cakes. The basic idea behind these is that you bake them in separate baking forms for about 8 minutes at 220 degrees to get a nice crust on the outside, but to unleash the molten choco lava from within, once you cut it in two. The core should be still liquid. If it looks like a regular muffin on the inside, then you’ve overdone the baking.

Now let’s explain the entire process from start to finish. What you need for the Chocolate Lava Cake recipe is:

• 200 grams of dark chocolate
• 200 grams of butter, preferably unsalted
• 7 eggs
• 270grams of sugar
• 125 grams of flour
• 50 grams of natural cocoa powder
• Vanilla ice cream (optional)
This recipe also requires that you have at your disposal:
• Silicone baking forms
• Mixer
• Oven

To start it off you need to break the chocolate into pieces and also cut the butter into pieces for easier cooking. You need a tray, which you have to fill with water and then put a pot on it. That way when you put the butter and chocolate in the pot you water them and there is no chance to burn your butter. Grind up your cannabis and throw it in there. Considering that you want to extract as much THC as possible, you should keep stirring the butter and chocolate for at least 40 minutes. In the end, you should have a perfectly homogenous mixture.

In a separate mixer bowl, you need to break the eggs and slowly add the sugar while mixing it. You can also throw in the cocoa powder. You need to be diligent with it to make it perfectly homogenous without any bubbles ruining the texture of it.

Next step would be to add the choco-canna-butter to the egg bowl and then keep mixing in it until it has a nice homogenous mixture. After that’s done you need to add the flour so that the mixture thickens up a bit and is able to hold a form. Don’t overdo the flour as you might end up with a brownie instead of a lava cake.

Now that you are done with all the mixing you need to put the mixture into the separate silicone forms. It’s easier to line them up on your baking tray first. Remember to preheat the oven at 220 degrees. Then you put them in and forget about them for the next 8 minutes. If your oven has trouble reaching 220 you should leave them for a few more minutes. You can use a toothpick to check how dense the lava cakes have become.

After taking them out you can serve them with some vanilla ice cream and just let the hot and cold flavors battle each other in your mouth. It’s a desert, worthy of a stoner master chef! As for how much weed to put in, about 4 to 6 grams should suffice. You can experiment with the recipe and see how much suits you best!

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*Disclaimer* – Queen of Bud is in no way responsible for the outcome of the above recipe or its effects on individuals from following the said recipe.