Cannabis in the Bedroom

Sex and Cannabis

With recreational cannabis being legal in Canada now, the thought of integrating cannabis into our sex lives is becoming more and more widespread. Maybe you are already a sexual canna-guru or maybe you are just canna-curious, regardless, keep reading and find out more about how to spice up your sex life with cannabis.

First of all, it’s not a myth. According to research, two-thirds of the people who have used cannabis before sex, report that they find the entire experience more enjoyable and whopping three-quarters report that they find the sex itself more enjoyable. The majority of women who used cannabis before sex reported that they experienced less discomfort and more pleasurable orgasms.

But how does cannabis cause all of this? Cannabis is known for its qualities of alleviating stress, anxiety, and not commonly as an aphrodisiac.

Some suggestions point to all of this relaxation also helping to boost your confidence levels in your sexual ability when you are alone with your partner. Cannabis is good in removing all distractions and it leaves your focus at the moment with your beloved.

Don’t forget that sex happens in your mind first, due to it being extremely mental and emotional. The rest is just physical. Take some time to prepare yourself for your sexual experience. Cannabis heightens the senses, so lighting up an aroma candle and playing some nice music can go a long way to get you and your partner in the mood.

Be prepared

Speaking of preparation, it’s not advised to have sex under the influence of cannabis if it’s your first time using cannabis. This should go without saying. THC has psychoactive effects on your mind and can be unpredictable as it affects everyone individually, so be cautious. Therefore it is strongly adviced that you experience cannabis at least a few times before you try it out as a sexual stimulant.

Consumption Options

Deciding on using cannabis before being intimate is one thing, but few people consider the great variety that cannabis itself offers. You could get cannabis in a multitude of ways into your system. The most traditional method of smoking pot has the benefits of getting the job done quickly and can be easy to measure the dosage you are using.

However, it comes with the downside in that it can give you a dry mouth which can make kissing a lot less enjoyable, not to mention that not everyone enjoys kissing their partner if their mouth tastes like an ashtray. Vaping is an option that you could consider instead of smoking as it at least deals with the smell.

Edibles are another option that you can consider but it’s not really recommended, due to the fact that they sometimes take an hour to kick in and their effects can be a lot heavier than anticipated as edibles are notoriously difficult to dose.

Last but not least you can try cannabis oil drops if you don’t want to smoke or eat the cannabis. The effects are fast and dosing is as precise as possible.

Things to Consider

Speaking of dosing, it’s important to not go overboard with the cannabis. A bit too much can have unwanted effects like turning your focus inwards, instead of towards your partner. You could also experience a heavy body high which can lead to sexual inaction.

It’s actually reported that men who have had too much cannabis can experience erectile dysfunction and women find it a lot harder to reach orgasm. It’s suspected that these last two effects are related to each other.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a survey in Australia with 8656 males and those who were frequent cannabis users reported that they would reach orgasm slower than their sober counterparts and in some cases, they couldn’t orgasm at all.

But how much is too much? The answer again is not straightforward as cannabis affects everyone individually. Significant differences can occur between sexual partners as well. Consider the case of an experienced cannabis user introducing their significant other to cannabis for the first time.

Again, the most sound advice is to experiment through trial and error and find what works for you best. As a tip, you could look into micro-dosing with oils or edibles. What you can do to ease the experience for someone inexperienced is to take care of the environment around you.

Consent and Conclusion

The last caveat with cannabis and sex has to do with consent. Have clear communication with the person and decide that you want to go through this experience together while you are still sober!

To conclude, cannabis is a very viable option to bring some variety into your sex life and spice things up. Most people say that it really does make a positive difference and makes sex more enjoyable. Cannabis can increase blood flow, remove stress, increase sensitivity and can overall provide for a great experience.