Cannabis Health Benefits

The Role of Cannabis in the Past

Recreational cannabis consumption has been a controversial topic for a long time now. There have been protests and counter-protests for and against cannabis. There has been a dominant stigma on cannabis in most societies. Even today individuals using cannabis face the danger of capital punishment in places like China. Why is this still the case?

You are probably familiar with the general history of cannabis. It’s a plant, that people have discovered thousands of years ago. Cannabis has been known to the first societies of mankind for its special healing qualities. Even in Chinese mythology, there is the legendary apothecary Hua Tuo who would use the cannabis plant, grind it to dust and administer it with wine to his patients for anesthesia before conducting surgery.

Shamans have used the plant to heal and to get in touch with the deities of their time to get a mystical experience. The assassin order of the Hashashim was renowned for consuming cannabis to experience parts of heaven and then would be sent on missions with the promise of more hashish or cannabis when they would carry it out successfully. The native American Indians would pass around the “peace pipe” as a tradition to settle disputes in their tents.

The point is that cannabis has been alongside humanity almost since the beginning and has had many different usages, most of them medicinal in nature.

Cannabis Today

Cannabis can truly help people with different problems. People who experience severe anxiety and have problems with their day to day life may find that using some of the good Indica will reduce their anxiety and help calm them down. The same can be said about people experiencing PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. Many veterans go back home and are never the same after experiencing war. They experience a constant feeling of vigilance and paranoia among others. A few puffs of cannabis is proven to help people with PTSD relax.


People who experience the contrary problem of depression could try out some Sativa plants. Sativas are known to stimulate brain activity and creativity. It could help people unleash the power of their imagination. This could be true with artists or even with people who experience autism. Cannabis can help them with their communication skills, their social interaction impairments as well as their constant repetitive movements. A number of neurological problems have been reported to be positively affected by cannabis.

Food disorders

What most people who have consumed cannabis can confirm is that the “munchies effect” is real. That is the urge of your body to consume more food after experiencing the effects of cannabis. Many stoners completely pig out when given the opportunity. So why would this be a good thing? Consider cases where people suffer from food disorders like Anorexia or Bulimia. Studies have been carried out that marijuana consumption can improve people’s appetite. This could potentially be life-saving in the circumstances of severe food disorders.

Chronic pain

One of the more obvious health benefits of cannabis is that it helps with chronic pain. Especially Indica plants are known to give a sedative effect that shells you from outside stress and pain. Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability and it is reported to have affected over 25 million people in the U.S. alone! The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine have undertaken the task to review thousands of articles on medical usages of cannabis and have reported that cannabis does indeed relieve chronic pain.

Helps Cancer Patients

Other studies suggest that cannabis may help cancer patients. There is no evidence that cannabis has a direct effect on cancer and one should not rely just on it if diagnosed with it. The best use of cannabis for cancer patients is alongside their prescripted medical treatments. However, cannabis has been reported to help symptoms of nausea and vomiting which are commonly related side effects of chemotherapy.


Studies suggest that cannabis consumption actually helps people with Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a condition where the central nervous system behaves abnormally, causing seizures and unusual behavior, sensations and may even lead to loss of awareness. A study from 2017 confirmed that the number of seizures suffered from children was significantly less after consuming cannabis, compared to the placebo control group. The study included 120 children experiencing Dravet syndrome, aged between 2 and 18. Dravet is one of the two major types of Epilepsy.


At the end of the day cannabis still remains highly controversial due to its negative effects. Daily marijuana consumption can exacerbate mental problems, cause lung problems and might even be related to testicular cancer. Daily recreational use of marijuana is not recommended as it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. In short, it will make you lazy and unmotivated. It will put a log into your machine of productivity. It’s still a great way to relax, but like everything else, it should be taken with moderation.


All that has been written so far has concerned cannabis as a whole. That includes all the cannabidiols within the plant. There is more controversy on THC specifically due to its psychoactive characteristics. People might have some right criticism this particular aspect of the plant. However, this argument is already outdated as there has been a huge effort in the industry to get all the benefits, without any of the negatives. The magical solution is CBD extraction from hemp.

It is possible to get THC free, CBD-oil that won’t get you high, won’t show up on drug tests and is perfectly legal in many places. CBD is the second most famous cannabidiol in cannabis and is responsible directly for most of the plant’s healing qualities.

Thank you science!

Thanks to the hard work of researchers, entrepreneurs and basically the business owners in the CBD industry, today we can truly enjoy the benefits of cannabis and CBD in particular. CBD can treat pain, anxiety, depression, appetite, seizures and more. The academic field concerning CBD is constantly expanding by the day.

We recommend you give CBD a try if you are worried about the psychoactive effects of THC!

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*Disclaimer* – Queen of Bud is not a source for medical information regarding cannabis and should only be received from a qualified health professional. The ideas expressed within this article are meant to be informative and not prescriptive.