Cannabis – A Part of Canadian Culture

The legal status of cannabis is still a relatively new thing for many Canadians, of which there are people who support its legalization and those who don’t. Whether you are in the former or latter camp, it’s clear that cannabis is now a part of our Canadian culture.

Canada has had a rich history of cannabis, with British Columbia being known amongst cannabis users for its famous “BC Bud”. As we further integrate cannabis into our culture one particular term seems to be prevalent in discussion – tolerance.

As the Dutch have brilliantly demonstrated, tolerance can go a long way. While the Dutch people have enjoyed many years of legal cannabis there are still those who don’t agree with its legal status or usage, yet tolerance allows both parties to live in harmony.

Within this harmony is of course legislation, much like we see here in Canada. Here in Canada, however, we are taking a different approach as we establish our legal market from the ground up rather than simply copy-and-pasting existing legalization models from countries like the Netherlands.

It begs the question will Canada eventually have similar establishments like the famed coffee shops of Amsterdam, where people can purchase and consume cannabis on site. It will be interesting to see just how the Cannabis market develops, as Government systems are often less than adequate when it comes to developing intelligently efficient systems.

We currently see a number of issues with the Canadian cannabis market, what with mass shortages, obscenely unnecessary amounts of packaging, and prices that are simply making black market cannabis cheaper than ever.  

There certainly is lots of work to be done, count this all as growing pains for the budding cannabis market.

At Queen of Bud, we are deeply involved in participating with the further formation of the Canadian cannabis market so that it can work well for everyone involved. We want to bring this amazing plant to the masses to further add to our wonderfully diverse Canadian culture.