420 – A Cannabis Culture Keystone

The Origins of 420

Today, the twentieth of April is a very special day for a very special group of people. Chances are that if you are reading this, you have already been initiated to the secret, if not then you should keep reading and today will be your lucky day! Today is four-twenty! To the average person, this is nothing more than the next date or number. The average person does not even suspect what 420 represents and stands for.

The use of code 420 has been documented for 48 years now. The origin story of the code is hazy, to say the least. Legends include that 4:20 is tea time in Holland, or that it’s the ideal time to enjoy the first smoke of the day.

However, the real 420 story begins with five high-school students from San Rafael, California. Their group was known as the Waldos and they would get together every day after school and smoke pot near a wall outside school. This adventurous bunch would go on a treasure hunt every day at 4:20 to look for a hidden weed plantation in their region. 420 would become their code to get together, smoke pot and go look for walks through the forest.

420 Around the World

Since then 420 has become engrained in cannabis culture vocabulary as code for smoking weed and has become even more than that. It has turned into an international phenomenon, a smoker holiday, where people get together, smoke weed and advocate for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Some of the most popular traditional stoner locations for the twentieth of April include “Hippie Hill” in San Francisco, the campus of the University of Colorado, Hyde Park in London, the University of Otago in Dunedin in New Zealand, the national cannabis festival in Washington D.C., Washington Square Park in Manhattan, New York and many more. In 2017 even protesters in Ankara, Turkey held signs in protest.

420 in Canada

You might have noticed that in the previous paragraph, there was no mention of any Canadian festivities of 420. That is precisely the case because our celebration deserves some extra special attention!

Cannabis activists have been more and more public in their demonstrations for legalization in the last few years. Stories about the 420 gatherings in the past in cities like Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal, where thousands of people got together and illegally consumed Cannabis broke news worldwide. This continuous pushback towards the illegal status of cannabis finally made its impact with last years legalization.

This year, 420 is different than all the previous ones. There will still be thousands of people smoking weed on the streets of Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver, but this year will be the very first time when they do it absolutely legally, thanks to the legislative reforms in Canada to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Today we join the ranks of the Cannabis pioneers.

Canada truly stands today as one of the leaders of legalizing recreational use of cannabis and in doing so has helped countless of people, be it with letting them enjoy the plant in peace, get the medicine that they need or even the fact that money will no longer be wasted in trying to prohibit something so natural to humans.

Together on this day, we show the world the future of legal cannabis. While in some countries smoking pot can mean imprisonment or even death, we get to enjoy the benefits of it absolutely legally.

Enjoying 420

Regardless if this is your first 420 or you are already a cannabis veteran, it’s worth it to read out a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your holiday. Traditionally 420 has always been about smoking pot with your friends, so we suggest you give a call to your buddies and pay a visit to the helpful staff here at Queen of Bud!

Once you are here you’ll find yourself staring at our screen seeing the wide array of fine cannabis we provide. Considering that you might be hosting or going to a party, perhaps a more uplifting Sativa strain will be in order.

Some uplifting strains that you could look out for include Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, Choco, Amnesia Haze and many more. If you aren’t sure of what to get, then be sure to ask our incredibly knowledgeable staff for advice.

Once you are happy with your purchase, you need to consider the method of consumption that you will be using. The more traditional variants include rolling it in a joint, smoking it from a bong or using a vaporizer. The latter requires a special weed vaporizer, which if you don’t have around, it might be better to stick to the first two.

The most traditional route that we recommend to true beginners is indeed rolling a joint, or preferably let your experienced friend roll the joint for you. You have more control over how much you inhale. You don’t really waste cannabis and you can pace yourself. If you are just starting out, remember to give yourself time to get used to it. Learn to walk, before you learn to run.

Occasionally you will have people around you who have had too much to smoke. It’s a cannabis holiday and it’s normal – someone ate too much weed brownies, or took a rip too many from the bong. Don’t stress too much about them. Give them some orange juice or something sweet to munch on. The worst thing that could happen is that they will fall asleep and miss the whole party!

At Queen of Bud we have everything you need for your cannabis needs. Visit us today!