Cannabis – A Part of Canadian Culture

The legal status of cannabis is still a relatively new thing for many Canadians, of which there are people who support its legalization and those who don’t. Whether you are in the former or latter camp, it’s clear that cannabis is now a part of our Canadian culture. Canada has had a rich history of […]

The Basics of Cannabis

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, people all over the country are considering the use of cannabis recreationally, some for the first time. While there are many experienced cannabis users, there is still an unknown number of individuals who have never used cannabis, who may benefit from its usage under its current legal […]

Origins of Cannabis Culture

Cannabis is older than humanity itself Truly the history of the cannabis culture goes way back. Imagine the first people walking around the earth, hunting animals and collecting herbs. Cannabis just happened to be one of those extra herbs. Its healing qualities must have been known from a very early age, as we know that […]

Popular Strain Review

Get ready to relax this summer! With summer already here, holidays are coming, offices are emptying. Employees are calling in sick to enjoy some nice weather. What nicer way to enjoy the weather than chilling outside on a sunny lawn, away from other people. When you light up a joint, away from the busy city […]

Crushing Cannabis Stigma

It’s Time for a Change The current age is a peculiar time for cannabis. In some countries people are enjoying recreational cannabis to the fullest, in others, the cannabis consumption is merely tolerated. There are countries where cannabis is still very much illegal – individuals falling prey to police raids, arrest, getting marked on their […]

Growing your own Cannabis

Prepare yourself for the journey Growing your cannabis is taking the “Do it yourself” mentality to another level. It’s a costly investment in time, money, and resources. Beginner growers may feel like they are climbing Everest for the first time – a mixture of challenge, excitement and the all so real threat of failure. However, […]

Cannabis in the Bedroom

Sex and Cannabis With recreational cannabis being legal in Canada now, the thought of integrating cannabis into our sex lives is becoming more and more widespread. Maybe you are already a sexual canna-guru or maybe you are just canna-curious, regardless, keep reading and find out more about how to spice up your sex life with […]

CBD Craze Explained

What is CBD? When you look up cannabis health benefits or anything research related to cannabis, you will most likely stumble upon the mystical CBD word. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the 113 cannabinoid elements within your typical cannabis and hemp plants. It is the second-most abundant cannabinoid to be found in […]

Cannabis Health Benefits

The Role of Cannabis in the Past Recreational cannabis consumption has been a controversial topic for a long time now. There have been protests and counter-protests for and against cannabis. There has been a dominant stigma on cannabis in most societies. Even today individuals using cannabis face the danger of capital punishment in places like […]

Cooking with Cannabis

Exploring Cannabis Edibles Have you ever heard a friend of yours describe how they had some cannabis edibles, and got ridiculously high for an obscene amount of time? That’s how strongly edibles can affect you if you eat too many hash brownies, or just put in an ounce of cannabis in a cake for 3 […]

420 – A Cannabis Culture Keystone

The Origins of 420 Today, the twentieth of April is a very special day for a very special group of people. Chances are that if you are reading this, you have already been initiated to the secret, if not then you should keep reading and today will be your lucky day! Today is four-twenty! To […]