Frequently Asked Questions


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What's your return policy?

We have to accept all returns, due to not being able to see the product before we sell it. If you have the original container, and the cannabis seems off, or does not look right, we will do our best to help you out, even if that means giving you a new type of cannabis.

Do you ship to homes and to P.O. boxes?

We cannot ship to your home or P.O. box at this time.

Do you have good customer service?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Do you have long lines?

We have a more efficient way of serving our customers, which helps us avoid lines and long waits.

What's the recommended dose for first time users?

Proper cannabis dosing is based on a few factors: the dominant cannabinoid in the strain (THC or CBD), the concentration of the cannabinoid, and the individual's weight, genotype, and natural cannabinoid tolerance. Our budtenders can assist with this process, ensuring you have a great experience.

Can we buy edibles from your store?

We are unable to sell edibles at Queen of Bud, yet. However, you have the ability to make your own edibles using our products.

Can I smoke cannabis in the Queen of Bud store?

Smoking cannabis is currently not permitted inside or out front of the store.

Do you sell pipes, bongs, etc at Queen of Bud?

Yes, we do sell pipes, bongs, and other cannabis related accessories.

How big are your stores?

All of our stores have high ceilings, large windows, and fine decor. They must consist of a large square footage to ensure an open concept, and inviting feel.

Can you sell to minors?

We will absolutely not sell to minors, our staff can face jail time if caught selling to a minor. We scan ID's and may ask for two pieces of ID depending on the situation.

How much can one person purchase at once?

Purchases can be made with a maximum of 30 grams per single transaction; however, persons can only legally have 30 grams in their possession while in public at any time.

Can I own my own Queen of Bud store?

Contact us and we can discuss how you can be a part of our empire!

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