About The Queen

The Queen

Once upon a time there was a queen who took a stand. She fought against all odds, rival kingdoms, and terrible instances, yet she flourished and on her own raised two beautiful princesses. Her only goal was to bring joy to the kingdom again. The queen battled through the ages, and she brought the bud of her labourers to her people.


The Queen's Philosophy

Life is hard, it's always going to be hard. If we weren't faced with endless challenges and mistakes, we would never grow internally. I chose to allow my challenges to make me a better human being. I see the world in a different way than most. I have the ability to love unconditionally and bring joy to people on a daily basis. I'm here to touch lives and bring forward the most positive outlook on life.

When you walk into our stores, you will feel welcome and appreciated in this world. Our mission is to hold the highest standards, equality, and feeling of being accepted for exactly who you are. This is the pot empire, Queen of Bud.

- The Queen of Bud